Born October 1987, New Hartford, NY

Lives in Clinton, NY


Tim Rand (b 1987, United States)

I didn't always want to be an artist. I wanted to be a park ranger or a stamp collector, or a world traveller. One day, I was sitting in a study hall and drawing a nine-panelled portrait in ball point pen. The balding old substitute teacher waltzed over and told me to work on math problems. "Art is worthless," he said. That small phrase stuck with me, and it was that very day that I decided to prove him wrong and create. I have not looked back since. 

Painting is many things. It is meditation, and it is problem solving. It is peace, and it is anger. It is not being afraid, and it is showing the world what you fear most. It is darkness and light, it is a conundrum. But if there is one singular word to describe what art means to me, that word is truth.

Rand lives and works in Clinton, NY at Tarat Studio.




















Artist Statement


“To destroy a face is to appreciate what makes it so beautiful in the first place. It isn’t knowing what it looked like to begin with, but the knowledge that it is ever changing that gives credence to an image.


Take away the frivolity of the world and what are you left with? A lonely man sitting, staring at a lens at an unspecified point in time. Famous, infamous, or appallingly normal, we’re all human.


Photographs are everywhere in today’s flooded media marketplace. This deluge of imagery dampens the effect of an individual visage. Wooden blocks, grids, or more molten paint purge the truth of a camera’s lens and create multi-faceted versions of that actuality. After all, a photograph only tells the reality of a split second.”




Tim Rand

Tarat Studio

84 Utica Street

Clinton, NY , USA 13323

(315) 527-4774

My works feature in private and public collections across the US. For more information about my art, feel free to contact me at any time.

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