The Life Is Sweet raffle was such a success this summer - we raised $200 for the Country Pantry and now is your chance to win another original TRand painting!

The Winter Giveaway is easy to participate in, you're automatically entered into the contest whenever you buy a print or original painting from the online store or at the Studio before December 23rd. 

This time, the winner gets to take home Flying Butter Bird an 18"x24" signed and framed painting of a swallowtail butterfly (shown above). Check out all the prints below, or set up an appointment to visit the studio. 

*Local deliveries and curbside pickup available upon request. 


Pick out your own 8" x 8" print of your favorite Life Is Sweet painting today!


I do murals and custom original oil paintings as well! If you'd like a Humble Honey Bee on your garage or walls, let me know and let's talk!


The world seems to be going to hell in a hand basket this year, no matter where you are on this little rock we call home. I started the Life Is Sweet project while in quarantine as a way to connect with people who are important to me, even if at a distance. Friends on social media enjoyed seeing the progress online, while my lovely 100-years-young grandmother watched intently out the window as the mural on my parent's garage slowly came together. Who knew watching paint dry could be so much fun?


The moral of the story, just be like the Humble Honey Bee. If we all work together, we'll all get through it together. Life is sweet.


It isn't easy to know how to help those in our communities - and often it goes unnoticed. Whether it is grocery shopping for our older generations so they can stay home in safety or giving a call to check in on people who are alone, to standing up for those who do not have a voice, it is those little acts of kindness and compassion that will get us through as a nation. None of us can do it all, but together, we can overcome anything.


As an artist, a simple brush is my voice of choice and I want to do my part in these trying times. As such, $1 from each ticket sold will be going to a charity (or charities) of the Grand Prize winner's choice. The only stipulation I have is that it goes towards helping those who need it most and at least half of it stays in my local community of the Greater Utica Area. We currently have two fronts in America and both are potent, so whether you wish to support the hungry, the sick, or the oppressed in our communities, remember, we're all in this together. 

Art that creates places and shapes spaces.

"I love art that makes me stand back and say 'Wow, how on earth did they do that!' Portraits have always drawn me in because if you take away the frivolity of the world, what are you left with? You're left with a lonesome person sitting, staring at a lens at an unspecified point in time. Famous, infamous, or appallingly normal, we’re all human, and that is what makes us beautiful. I love capturing those unspecified, solitary moments in my work, 'wow-ing' viewers and clients and (hopefully) leaving them with an air of mystery and appreciation for the image, the emotion, and the art.

Ever since I picked up a decent brush and dabbed paint on a canvas, art has been my passion."

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Tim Rand

Tarat Studio

84 Utica Street

Clinton, NY , USA 13323


(315) 527-4774

My works feature in private and public collections across the US. For more information about my art, feel free to contact me at any time.

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Humble Honey Bee

The honey bee is one of the most important creatures on the planet, pollinating flowers and crops the world over. Plus, there's nothing better than a spoonful of honey in a nice hot cuppa tea - life is sweet!